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The smartest way
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Datalink provides B2B companies with modern data to enrich their CRMs with high-quality and relevant prospects. 

Why Datalink?

There are a lot of data providers in the market. Why should you go with Datalink? The answer is easy. 

Always up to date

Most data providers who update their data every 6-12 months. Datalink's entire database is refreshed every 3 months, ensuring you're always working with the freshest information possible.

Company Search

Datalink enables users to not just search individual contacts, but also copmanies. 

More data points

Every contact has 27 data points associated with the profile, including email, title, industry, location, company data, buyer intent, and more!

How it works

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Datalink is a smart data provider that uses the latest and most sophisticated technologies.


Time is money! Datalink turns around data in record speed thanks to our proprietary technology!

How it works

Try Datalink!

We guarantee our data. That is why we offer a free trial period to all users. Check us out!

Our Story

Before Datalink was created, we used this database of contacts for our own B2B outreach campaigns. That means we started out as our own client! We understand the needs of a user, what information you need to be effective, and the best way to engage with the data that we are supplying.

Our Vision

We aim to become a northern star in the busy sky, guiding B2B companies towards effective marketing campaigns that empower them to grow their business.


Our proprietary technology has been tested and refined over the past 5+ years to ensure that our data is the highest quality and most up-to-date data on the market. 

We are so confident - we use it ourselves!

Who are we
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"We have tried every data provider out there. Datalink is definitely the best."

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